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Students International (SI) is the international group of companies (consulting, recruiting, marketing), which has been working since the year 1992.

SI has the biggest agencies network – 44 offices, representatives and partners in various cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorus, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Latvia .       
SI sends more than 3000 students abroad each year. We more than 250 partner educational institutions in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Malta, Japan and other countries.  

Our company participates in more than 20 annually educational fairs in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Latvia. Besides that Students International conducts own educational roadshows in 28 cities annually. Pls refer to www.si-exhibition.ru

SI runs 5 IELTS Test Centers in Kiev, Moscow , S.Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Vladivostok and arranges regular IELTS sessions in 20 cities across Ukraine and Russia , more than 100 IELTS examinations per year!

www.ielts-moscow.ru     www.ielts-kiev.com.ua     www.ielts-spb.ru     www.ielts-vladivostok.ru

Students International has partnership with more than 150 universities and schools in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan .

We are the only company which publish many specialized brochures in Russian and Ukrainian languages: «Education in Canada», «Education in Europe»,    «Education in Australia», «Education in New Zealand».

SI is a highly professional team with a huge experience in marketing and recruiting, who get regular training in foreign educational institutions and participate in major international conferences, trainings and workshops:CECN, ICEF , ALPHE, StudyWorld, IALC, etc...

SI – is your reliable and up-and-coming partner!

Here are two of our main awards:

SI Nika•    2004 - 2008 “The best educational agency in Russia” (magazine “Education Abroad”)
•    2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 STM Star Award (Study Travel Magazine, UK)


Our partners stay with us because together we make business better!
  • Marketing audit and planning for the beginning of your work on Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh markets.
  • Event management in more than 40 cities where SI representative offices are located (exhibitions, presentations, agent trainings).
  • Participation in annual SI Road Shows in 28 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan (www.si-exhibition.ru)
  • WEB-Management: editing, translation and creation of your new web site targeted on local markets. Promotion of the educational institution via local search engines and Internet resources.
  • Design, translation and publishing of the brochures of your institution given the special traits of local markets. Distribution of the brochures to target audience in different cities through the network of offices, during education fairs and in local educational institutions.
  • Participation with you or on behalf of your institution in fairs, conferences and seminars.
  • Common organization of agent trainings and familiarization trips.
  • Search of partner educational institutions in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan according to given criteria and partnership scheme.
  • Brand management: image creation and optimization of your expenses for advertising and promotion.
  • Creation and support of the local alumni communities of your educational institutions.
  • Follow up work after your participation in the fairs.

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Наши представительства

Students International имеет собственные офисы в Москве, Санкт-Петербурге, Владивостоке, Киеве и еще в 44 городах России, Украины и Казахстана.

Головной офис в Москве

ул. Щипок, д.20,
офис 306-308
(ст. метро Серпуховская, Павелецкая)

+7 (495) 125-15-76

Офис в Санкт-Петербурге

ул. Чапыгина, д.6-п,
офис 400, Бизнес-Центр "ТВ-ПОЛИС"
(ст. метро Петроградская)

+7 (812) 332-14-38

Офис во Владивостоке

ул. Пушкинская, д.40, офис 505

+7 (423) 240-69-69

Наши представительства

Головной офис в Москве

1115054, г.Mосква, ул. Щипок, д.20,
офис 306-308

+7 (495) 125-15-76

Офис в Санкт-Петербурге

197376, г.Санкт-Петербург, ул. Чапыгина, д.6-п,
офис 400, Бизнес-Центр "ТВ-ПОЛИС"

+7 (812) 332-14-38

Офис во Владивостоке

ул. Пушкинская, д.40, офис 505

+7 (423) 240-69-69

Пять раз подряд (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 и 2013 гг.) мы признаны победителем в номинации "Агентство Восточной Европы" - STM Star Award (Study Travel Magazine, Великобритания). На сегодняшний день только Students International удалось получить статус "SUPERSTAR" и быть внесёнными в Зал Славы лучших образовательных учреждений и агентств мира!

в наши

Вопрос 1 из 45
1. I ___ a teacher.

am are be is
Вопрос 2 из 45
2. ___ two sons.

She have She is She get She has got
Вопрос 3 из 45
3. He ___ like basketball.

doesn't not don't do not
Вопрос 4 из 45
4. I'm reading. What ___ doing?

you are you are you are
Вопрос 5 из 45
5. ___ he go for a walk every evening?

Does Has Is Do
Вопрос 6 из 45
6. ___ some apples in the plastic bag.

It is There is There are There isn't
Вопрос 7 из 45
7. There isn't ___ fruit in the shop.

some any the
Вопрос 8 из 45
8. ___ you play chess?

Are Can Know Have
Вопрос 9 из 45
9. What are you doing now? I___ a letter.

is writing be writing write am writing
Вопрос 10 из 45
10. Do you like ___ there?

to working working worked work
Вопрос 11 из 45
11. I ___ to Ann's party last week.

gone went was
Вопрос 12 из 45
12. Why ___ yesterday?

were you late you were late you lated you was late
Вопрос 13 из 45
13. Mike ___ to visit his parents on Sunday.
can wil is going must
Вопрос 14 из 45
14. Kate is good at maths but Jack is ___.
good badly better well
Вопрос 15 из 45
15. Nick ___ this film.
seen already already seen has already seen have already seen
Вопрос 16 из 45
16. I've been working for "Mr. Z and Co" ___ last summer.
from for until since
Вопрос 17 из 45
17. I ___ on this project for two months.
am working worked have been working was working
Вопрос 18 из 45
18. I ___ go to the "Astoria" restaurant but I don't any more.
used to did use am used use
Вопрос 19 из 45
19. Mike doesn't like school and___.
neither I do so do I neither do I so I do
Вопрос 20 из 45
20. I went to the doctor's yesterday and I ___ for half an hour.
must wait had to wait had wait should wait
Вопрос 21 из 45
21. I ___ a newspaper last night when my friend rang.
have been reading read have read was reading
Вопрос 22 из 45
22. There was a robbery at the bank and all the money ___.
was stealing stolen was stolen was being stolen
Вопрос 23 из 45
23. I ___ to New Zealand on business every year.
am being send am sent am send be send
Вопрос 24 из 45
24. Unless ___ hard, he'll fail the exam.
he'll work he works he worked he'd work
Вопрос 25 из 45
25. If I were you, ___ skipping classes.
I stopped I'll stop I stop I'd stop
Вопрос 26 из 45
26. He liked the party, ___ ?
isn't he didn’t he hasn't he doesn't he
Вопрос 27 из 45
27. I tried hard ___ my visa done in time.
to get for getting for to getting
Вопрос 28 из 45
28. When I came to my friend's place, Helen ___.
had already left already left was already left would already leave
Вопрос 29 из 45
29. After ___ his report he was back to work.
write to write wrote writing
Вопрос 30 из 45
30. I ___ go away next week.
would like like like to would like to
Вопрос 31 из 45
31. If he ___ this before, nothing bad would have happened.
said had said would said would have said
Вопрос 32 из 45
32. If I had asked the way, I ___got lost.
wouldn't have hadn't not have won't have
Вопрос 33 из 45
33. You ___ your homework before you came to the lesson!
should do should have done should be done should be doing
Вопрос 34 из 45
34. By next year she ___ a mother.
had become will become will have become has become
Вопрос 35 из 45
35. I've called him but no one picked up the phone. He ___ out.
must be will be can be needs to be
Вопрос 36 из 45
36. I'm thinking ___ out with him next Sunday.
for going to go of going I go
Вопрос 37 из 45
37. Would you mind ___ the door?
to shut shutting shut going to shut
Вопрос 38 из 45
38. He didn't even notice me when passing by. He ___ in a hurry.
must have been had to be might to be should have been
Вопрос 39 из 45
39. ___ two tickets for the cinema.
I'm given They're given I've been given I've given
Вопрос 40 из 45
40. I've been sitting at home ___.
for myself by myself in my own only myself
Вопрос 41 из 45
41. I'm looking forward ___ you again.
to see seeing to seeing of seeing
Вопрос 42 из 45
42. I wish I ___ that.
didn't say not say hadn't said don't say
Вопрос 43 из 45
43. In spite of ___ young she was very intelligent.
she was her she's being
Вопрос 44 из 45
44. Providing that ___ there, he will earn enough to buy a bike.
he'll work he'll be working he works he's working
Вопрос 45 из 45
45. He suffers ___ her absence more than he'd like us to think.
from on
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